Up bhulekh | Khasra khatauni and bhunaksha

UP Bhulekh is the Land documents of all residents of Uttar Pradesh. at first, before the digital India revolution, all the land documents(Khasra, Khatauni) were available in written documents only. there is no place for online documents and thus transparency was a bigger question at that time. In the meantime, many small and marginal landlords were not able to access their land documents.

Everything was totally dependent on the Lekhpal/Patwari.

In 2016, with the evolution of Digital India run by the Prime Minister of India, all government documents were available online which gave a drastic result in the life of the rural population.

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UP Bhulekh online gave a lot of transparency

  • Every farmer and landlord can access their documents from their hometown
  • They can see their land area and measurement and can oppose Lekhpal if someone grabs their land by wrong doings.
  • They can printout the land documents and add their land in Paddy) or Wheat crop

What you will see in UP Bhulekh

All farmers can access their documents and they will see the Khata number, khasra number, and the total area(in hectares)

  • Your Village Name in which the land is registered
  • subdivision(Pargana)
  • Tehsil and District
  • Khata Number
  • Farmer name with their permanent village name
  • Khasra number
  • Total land holding in that khata number

How to check your land documents in UP Bhulekh

  • Visit the official website of Up Bhulekh given in the important links section
  • First, choose your district followed by the tehsil name, and then choose your village
  • Then the next page opens and here you will have to select from either of these
  • If you know the Khasra number or Gata number
  • if you know the Khata number of your Land
  • The easiest part is that you can enter the farmer’s name
  • Make sure don’t commit any mistake in filling in your data otherwise your data can not be displayed

What is the official site of UP Bhulekh?

The official website of UP Bhulekh is upbhulekh.gov.in/

What is the motive UP Bhulekh website?

The main intention is to live all the land documents online so that all farmers can access their documents easily and give transparency to the system

Important Links

Email Idbhulekh-up@gov.in
AddressComputer Cell
Board Of Revenue
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Contact numberLandline: +91-522-2217145
मोबाइल नंबर : 91-7080100588
UP Bhulekh official websiteClick here